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Wuxi Syder Bio-Products Co., Ltd.
With a factory area up to 11,800 square meters, Wuxi Syder Bio-Products Co. Ltd., located at Xishan Economy and Technologi cal Development District near Tai Lake , is a limited company featuring a combination of products research, manufacturing and sales of bio-enzymatic products.

Established in 1984, the company was then reorganized and renamed in 1998, known as Wuxi Syder Bio-Products Co. Ltd . since then. Through years of efforts, progress and improvement, the company is now well established with a reliable infrastructure, a collection of talents, and a complete multi-layer quality assurance system. Now the company has become a professional enzyme production factory with T hermostable α-amylase and Glucoamylase as its major products. The current annual production capacity has increased from 10,000 tons to 20,000 tons.

Equipped with the state-of-the-art technology, the company was initially built on a solid base in terms of financial support and techniques. It also has a good reputation among customers and big market share in the field with its adequate formula, constant quality product and effective enzyme. �Quality product and excellent service�is always the ultimate goal of Syder. In order to provide a fast and quality service, the company has learned from the experience both in domestic and international markets in the industry, which has been applied by a team of talented professionals and technical sales. And we have been providing a quality service to our customers around the clock.

Syder utilizes GB/T19002-ISO 9002 in management as its quality control and assurance system and is recognized by associated organizations. Quality is the top priority in our production. We are paying continuous efforts to re-enforce our quality control system, providing satisfactory service so as to maintain our good reputation in the industry. In order to create a new image for our unique trademark, as well as to win in the competitions in both domestic and international markets, Syder has put great efforts into the new bio-product research area. �00% quality passing rate in overall products and 100% passing rate in sampling�has become another goal of Syder during its production and research. With all the efforts putting together, Syder has become a leading company in the industry in China with its outstanding enzyme product quality and technologies. It's also awarded with government's support funding as a “creative small-or-medium-size company�

To catch up with the increasing industrial demands and developments around the world, Syder is focusing on exploring the international market. Trade relationships have been established with many companies from different countries such as America , Germany , Japan , Russia , Ukraine , India , Pakistan , Armenia , and we have become an enzyme wholesale exporter.

With our continuous self-development and help from our valued customers like you in the years to come, we are confident to make Syder a company of quality products, new management concept and excellent service. Customers' satisfaction and trust will always be our biggest reward. While we, Syderians want to become your business partner of knowledge and service in the industry, we are so eager to become a friend and neighbor of yours, who can provide help and cheers to each other when we work together in the future!
Development history of Wuxi Syder Bio-proucts Co., Ltd.
1984 Foundation of Jiangyin No.2 Enzyme Factory (President: Hongqing Hu)
1992 Co-operated with U.S. Synder Company, formed the first enzyme joint venture in China named Sino-US           Jiangyin Synder Bio-products Co., Ltd. (CEO & General Manager: Hongqing Hu)
1993 Established U.S. Synder Company China Headquarter (General Manager: Hongqing Hu)
1998 Registered Wuxi Syder Bio-proucts Co., Ltd. (CEO: Hongqing Hu)
Tel: +86-(0)510-88200828/88203100
Fax: +86-(0)510-88200829
Add: No.30 Huaxia Middle Road, Economic & Technological Development Zone, Wuxi City, Jiangsu, China
Post Code: 214101
E-mail: sales@syder.com